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    I have so many products that I would want to tell you all about and i will try to find products that suite your budgets etc let me start by letting you know skin lightning/toning whatever you wish to call it, is EXPENSIVE!! It really is so if you can’t AFFORD it or it will hurt your pockets best advise would be not start it as once you start you really can’t go back (but we will get to that) so below I will list some of the products that I know people have used or I have personally used, you need to know that some products do contain HYDROQUIN which is a chemical drug yes it DOES have side affects but I’m not HERE to tell you about that please research that yourself.

    Not all the products contain HQ the ones that do i will state Tips for when you start lightning 1)Your BODY will take longer than your FACE to lighten! 2) BATHING twice a day and using a lighting soap (kodjic acid or papaya soap) for your face and body will help lighten you quicker. 3) STAY OUT OF THE SUN!!! WHEN IN THE SUN YOU A SPF 50 Products Belle Lumiere This is a cream I have personally been using for the last 5 months, I began using it because I had a major break out and the productI was using wasn’t working, This cream is magical all my spots have gone and I’m now using it all over my body including my hands alongside a peel (which i will talk about in another post).

    The cream contains NO HYDROQUEIN which means its doesn’t have any harmful toxins or have the side affects that may come from HQ! the cream starts from £150 Yes £150. It is a 400 gram pot which is big, yes it is a lot of money but the cream lasts me well over a MONTH and I use it twice a day all over my body and face. If your want to get that luxurious, flawless, one colour throughout skin tone then this is the cream for you! also if you don’t want a product that contains HQ!

    this is perfect too. You must understand you pay for what you get and this is well worth the price! To purchase this cream please contact Info@Cosmeticsweb.co.uk based in the UK (Worldwide shipping is available) Whitenicious by Dencia Yes her products are expensive! but i have personally used it for the dark knees and elbows and HELL YES it works so i guess you could say its worth every penny (worldwide shipping) shipping is EXPENSIVE if your outside America but if you buy her product more than once and have before and after photos you can gain free shipping which is a BIG BONUS!

    I would really recommend this product if you have dark spots, knees, elbows and knuckles it may set you back but it will leave you looking flawless!

    If you beloved this posting and you would like to receive extra details with regards to Caro light Cream UK kindly take a look at our webpage.

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